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Roofing Services in Port Byron, NY

Count on Helmer Roofing in Montazuma, NY for reliable roofing work for your home or business. For over 25 years, we’ve installed, repaired and replaced roofs throughout Port Byron, Auburn, Weedsport, Skaneateles, Seneca Falls and the surrounding towns. As a family-owned, licensed and insured business, you can count on us for our experience and commitment to providing personalized service for each and every customer, whether we’re clearing icicles off your roof or reshingling your roof. We ensure exceptional workmanship on every project by having our owner, Don Helmer, present at every job and not hiring subcontractors.

We Offer:

Roofing Inspections

Getting your roof inspected is one of the easiest ways you can prevent the likelihood of major (and expensive) repairs. We have the experience needed to provide thorough roofing inspections so we can detect any issues with your roof and offer the best solutions to make your roof durable again. We check for a number of factors, including moisture damage, rust spots on the flashing, broken and missing shingles, moss and lichen growths and so much more.

Roof Repairs

The roofing experts at Helmer Roofing can repair many different types of roofs, including asphalt, slate, copper, clay and more. Whether you need us to reapply caulk or replace shingles, we’ll be right behind you with the equipment and experience needed to get roof repairs done right the first time. Damage to your roof can seep into other parts of your home or business like your ceiling or drywall and negatively impact its structural integrity, so it’s important to call Helmer Roofing to get your roof repaired right away. We also offer 24-hour emergency service when you need roof repairs right away. We can also assess if it would be best to repair your roof or replace it altogether.

Roof Installation & Replacement

When your roof takes a significant amount of wear and tear, it might be best to replace the entire roof. Helmer Roofing can install a new roof onto your home or business. We can install a wide variety of roofing systems, so you can pick the option that best suits your needs and budget. We handle the installation process from start to finish without relying on subcontractors, so you can rest assured that your roof will be properly installed the first time without any hassle.

Snow & Ice Removal

Removing snow and ice from your roof is essential to your safety and well-being, as well as your home or business’ structural integrity. Not only can heavy snow put stress on your roof, but it can also form ice dams, which can cause water to leak within your home or business. In addition, icicles that form around your roof’s overhang can fall and potentially injure someone. Helmer Roofing uses safe and efficient methods of removing snow and ice from roofs so we can remove the weight and stress the winter weather puts on your roof while preventing moisture damage from affecting your roof or any other part of your home or business.

For a free estimate on our roof repairs, installation, snow & ice removal and many other services, call 315-246-4515.